24th July 2014


I want to love everyone and no one all at once

21st July 2014

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cisnormative terminology that needs to stop →


"female/male bodied":

  • I’m a man, this is my body. It doesn’t matter what I was assigned at birth, this is my body and I am a man, and therefore this body is a man’s body, and therefore a male body
  • this is erasure of intersex people
  • this is erasure of nonbinary people

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19th July 2014

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Language Tips for Cis Feminists Speaking on Trans Issues →



Over the past two years, I’ve shared a lot of space with cisgender feminists who are seeking to add a trans voice to their panel, event, or conference. I can often sense that these feminists’ hearts are in the right place with regards to trans issues. They’re trying and their effort is real but…


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19th July 2014

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You should not
have to rip yourself
into pieces to keep
others whole.
i am seeing less and less of you, Emma Bleker (via stolenwine)

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19th July 2014

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If someone wants a romantic relationship with little or no sex, let them.

If someone wants a sexual relationship with no romance, let them.

And if someone wants a completely platonic relationship with no romance or sex, FUCKING LET THEM.

Destroy the idea that a relationship must have sex and/or romance to be “real”.

2.5 years of my life agree with the first statement

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18th July 2014

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Janet Mock returns to Piers Morgan Live. (x)

My people are everything. Thank you for supporting me tonight. I exist among giants. I love you all. 

Janet Mock is everything. Beauty beauty grace grace love love. Justice. Love in public.

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18th July 2014

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13th July 2014

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12th July 2014


me at UW in the fall

me at UW in the fall

11th July 2014

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If you look at the world and say “Yes, there are enough homes for people, yes, there is enough food for people, but if we give it away for free they won’t have earned it and the economy will collapse.” Then you have chosen money (a constructed medium of exchange) over living beings who only want to continue living in peace and safety.

And I have no qualms telling you, that is the wrong choice, and you have been brainwashed by this destructive, exploitative system.

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