30th March 2014


Evocation of Roussel by Odilon Redon

Evocation of Roussel by Odilon Redon

30th March 2014

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Things I think queer folks need to talk about more often: →



  • Intergenerational Relationships/Interactions: I’ve observed and experienced a lot of older queer folks attempting to fuck a younger member of the community under the guise of mentorship. It’s fucking abusive and disgusting, and I think we need to…

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30th March 2014

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30th March 2014

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Anonymous asked: Question- how can you describe a really unfair/wrong situation without using ableist language (ie "how stupid" or "that's dumb")? What words are nonoffensive to use?


  • absurd
  • baseless
  • bigoted
  • turdsome
  • blumpkinish
  • cattywampus
  • incorrect
  • false
  • evil
  • villainous
  • reprobate
  • corrupt
  • wanton
  • outrageous
  • profligate
  • unprincipled
  • loathsome
  • maleficient
  • nefarious
  • amoral
  • licentious
  • problematic
  • boggart
  • cockwomble
  • willfully ignorant
  • narrow-minded
  • Voldemort
  • unfetch

note to self: use the words absurd and outrageous more often

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30th March 2014

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things i told the internet, but didn’t tell my mom
35mm film scans
some pictures about my backwards concept of privacy.

i. it’s getting bad again
ii. this week i am struggling with self doubt and the transition from iced coffee to hot coffee
iii. i want to puke and sleep for six days
iv. i still can’t sit on your couch without shaking
v. i need other people to validate that i am important because i can’t do it for myself
vi. no one else has ever told me that i am desirable with the lights on

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30th March 2014

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We grew up with the Internet and on the Internet. This is what makes us different; this is what makes the crucial, although surprising from your point of view, difference: we do not ‘surf’ and the internet to us is not a ‘place’ or ‘virtual space’. The Internet to us is not something external to reality but a part of it: an invisible yet constantly present layer intertwined with the physical environment. We do not use the Internet, we live on the Internet and along it. If we were to tell our bildungsroman to you, the analog, we could say there was a natural Internet aspect to every single experience that has shaped us. We made friends and enemies online, we prepared cribs for tests online, we planned parties and studying sessions online, we fell in love and broke up online. The Web to us is not a technology which we had to learn and which we managed to get a grip of. The Web is a process, happening continuously and continuously transforming before our eyes; with us and through us. Technologies appear and then dissolve in the peripheries, websites are built, they bloom and then pass away, but the Web continues, because we are the Web; we, communicating with one another in a way that comes naturally to us, more intense and more efficient than ever before in the history of mankind.

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30th March 2014

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i need to rip your
name off my tongue;
it no longer tastes
— a.w.k.jones, salty   (via gothics)

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30th March 2014

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put some honey and sea water by your bed. acknowledge that your being needs sweetness and cleansing. that it is sore. that you are soft.
— nayyirah waheed (via nayyirahwaheed)

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30th March 2014

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In the original pilot for Bob’s Burgers, Mintz’s character was a teenage boy. That fundamental difference aside, Daniel Belcher and Tina Belcher are the same character—but looking back, that choice had enormous implications for the show, because a TV audience has never seen a girl growing up like this. She’s nothing like an archetypal teen, but she’s also unmistakably one. She daydreams about kissing her crushes—and also about touching the butts of all the cute boys in her class. She fantasizes about being a prettier, bolder version of herself, who talks politics with adults and is an object of affection among the guys at Wagstaff School. Her efforts in this direction lead her to hide in the dairy section of a grocery store in season three’s “Lindapendent Woman,” waiting for a handsome boy to stop by. In season four’s “Turkey In A Can,” she shows up to Thanksgiving dinner wearing baggy pantyhose and too-big high heels. Puberty and dating have a typical arc on shows about teenage girls, but Tina’s arc on Bob’s Burgers is something else entirely. It’s gross. It’s messy. It occasionally encourages threesomes. And it’s hilarious, but the show is careful to never make Tina the butt of any jokes. (Tina touching butts, however, is okay.) If the viewer is laughing, it’s most likely with Tina—or at the very least, with the people who love her.

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30th March 2014

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It blows my mind that after all this time you’ve spent on earth, nobody ever bothered to tell you that your eyes aren’t fucking brown.

They are copper against honey and sage and when they water they glow, two perfect orbs the same shade as nature after it rains.

You’re not as simple as they wanted you to be.

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